deep learning

Screenshot of a land cover classification map in ArcGIS Pro.

Using Deep Learning to Map Land Cover in ArcGIS Pro

Jeff Oppong

This GIS tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to use deep learning models and Landsat 8 satellite imagery in ArcGIS to classify land cover.

Screenshot showing yellow building footprints on top of a satellite imagery.

Extracting Building Footprints and Trees from Imagery Using ArcGIS Pro

Jeff Oppong

This tutorial teaches you how to extract trees and building footprints from satellite imagery using ArcGIS Pro.

A 16th century map of the Scandinavian peninsula with ships and sea creatures in the water.

Extracting Geospatial Data from Historical Maps

Mark Altaweel

New methods can detect location names from historical maps, make them searchable, and allow for the automated extraction of geographic data from those maps.

Platforms for Making Deep Learning Easier for GIS

Mark Altaweel

New tools have been developed to facilitate the integration of deep learning tools within GIS applications.

Using Crowdsourcing and Deep Learning to Map Human Settlements

Mark Altaweel

Machine learning techniques are being used to map new urban and land use patterns that were previously difficult to detect using crowdsourcing data.

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