Ecuador reforestation plots from Sistema Único de Información Ambiental.

Putting the Trees Back on the Map: How GIS is Helping Reforest South America

Devon Reeser

GIS is being used in creative ways – including covert spy tracking of illegal logging deep in the Amazon – to help put and keep trees back on South America’s map. The simplification of tools and availability of web systems has empowered technicians, NGOs, and governments alike to address corruption and illegal logging with transparent map-based monitoring.

How Deforestation Affects Physical Geography

Elizabeth Borneman

Deforestation is a problem we are likely all familiar with, even in passing. We drive or walk by small or ...

Global Forest Watch: A Real-Time Mapping Project

Rebecca Maxwell

Data from Global Forest Watch, an online forest monitoring and alert system is now available via an online mapping platform. Users of this data portal can add maps, datasets, and applications to their forest projects and better analyze indicators of forest change.

New Detailed Maps Show Changes in Earth’s Forests

Rebecca Maxwell

Deforestation, the clearing and removal of the Earth’s forests, has been one of the major environmental threats to the globe ...