Screenshot showing a watershed boundary with lines showing the density of water flow on top of a base map.

How to Use ArcGIS Pro to Map Watersheds

Jeff Oppong

This tutorial shows you how to use ArcGIS Pro to delineate watersheds and drainage paths from elevation data.

A series of three images: top is a gray shaded relief, middle is a black and white contour image, and the bottom is a digital elevation model in shades of red with darker red indicating higher elevation.

Overview of Elevation Data

Jeff Oppong

This article reviews some of terminology and types of elevation based datasets available to GIS.

Six topographic surfaces compared.

FABDEM: 30 Meter Resolution Bare Earth DEM from Fathom

GIS Contributor

FABDEM is the first global Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with forests and buildings removed at a 30m resolution.

Updated Global Elevation Data Released by NASA

Caitlin Dempsey

A new global digital elevation model (DEM) has been released by NASA.

Version 3 of the ASTER Global Digital Elevation Model Released

Caitlin Dempsey

2.3 million scenes from the ASTER archive were processed to create the latest version of the ASTER Global Digital Elevation Model (GDEM).

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