Source: National Research and Development Institute for Soil, Agro-chemistry and Environmental Protection, Sectorial Programme of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2007 via Combating desertification in the EU: a growing threat in need of more action, European Court of Auditors, 2018.

Desertification in Romania

Katarina Samurović

In their Sixth National Communication on Climate Change and First Biennial Report from 2013, the Romanian authorities estimated that the area affected by desertification makes up for about 30% of the country’s total area.

Largest Expanse of Sand in Ukraine

Caitlin Dempsey

Located in southern Ukraine is the largest sand area in the country.

Aralkum Desert: The World’s Newest Desert

Caitlin Dempsey

Replacing the shrinking areas of the Aral Sea, the Aralkum Desert is located in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, making it the world's youngest desert.

A view of an aspen forest showing yellow and green leaved trees with a hill and a ridge in the background.

GIS and Natural Resource Management

GIS Contributor

Peter Rodericks Oisebe, a Natural Resource Management Consultant in Kenya writes about the applications of GIS in mapping and managing natural areas.