USGS tests drone-based ground-penetrating radar. Photo: Carole Johnson, USGS. Public domain.

Use of Drones in GIS

Joseph Magnotta

Drones have many uses in GIS.

Creating a mosaic by stitching several orthorectified images. Source: Meo et al, 2012).

Using Drones to Create Fast Orthorectified Maps

Rebecca Maxwell

Computer scientist Mark Pritt, along with colleagues at Lockheed Martin in Gaithersburg, Maryland, developed a new algorithm to handle thousands of images and speed up the process of creating an orthorectified map from UAV aerial imagery.

Benjamin Heumann and the UAV. Photo: Heumann, Central Michigan Press Release.

Using Unmanned Aircraft to Help Map Threatened Plant Species

Caitlin Dempsey

Geography researchers at Central Michigan University have tested out the usability of UAVs in mapping out threatened plant species.  

No Drones Zones: Map and GIS Data

Caitlin Dempsey

Unmanned aircraft, known more commonly as drones, have a blanket ban by the Federal Aviation Authority in the United States over military ...