economic geography

Economic geography is the study of the location, distribution and spatial organization of economic activities across the world.

Geography and Family Structure

Mark Altaweel

Factors of geography, economics, and social trends have contributed to diverse ranges of household formation.

Geography of Global 500 Companies in 2016

Caitlin Dempsey

Find out which countries, cities and US states have the most Global 500 countries in 2016.

Geography of Innovation

Mark Altaweel

By merging innovation theory with geography, researchers can explain why areas like Silicon Valley consistently lead in innovation.

Tract-to-Tract Commutes of 80km/50 miles or less in the Bay Area. Nelson & Rae, 2016.

How the Commutes of 130 Million Commuters Reveals Megaregions in the United States

Elizabeth Borneman

A study using data from 130 million commuters has revealed commuter-driven megaregions in the United States.

Geography and Inequality

Mark Altaweel

Simple examples of geographic social inequality can be found in major cities, where wealthier urban people generally have access to more housing, food shops, basic amenities, healthcare, and other infrastructure than the urban poor.