election mapping

Figure 2: Map symbolizing the winning margin of election results. Map: Greg Bunce.

Using GIS to Map Election Results Based on Where People Live

GIS Contributor

Greg Bunce, from the State of Utah’s Automated Geographic Reference Center, presents an approach that uses GIS to create more representative election results maps.

Local spatial autocorrelation for percent Republican, presidential election 1976. Map of the Cincinnati metropolitan area from Kinsella et al., 2015.

GIS, Elections, and Politics

Mark Altaweel

Political geography focuses on past election cycles in order to look at how voting patterns develop and why. Mark Altaweel discusses how GIS can be used to study those patterns.

Population histograms by latitude and longitude. Source: Bill Rankin, 2008

Spatial Unmapped

Caitlin Dempsey

Geographic maps aren't the only means by which to communicate spatial information.