flood mapping

A flooded street with clouds in the sky.

Higher Resolution U.S. Flood Maps

Mark Altaweel

Researchers have developed a high resolution flood map for the United States.

Sea level rise is a threat to low-lying coastal populations. Photo shows results of wave-driven flooding and overwash on Roi-Namur Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands. Photo: Peter Swarzenski, USGS. Public domain.

World Flood Mapping Tool

Mark Altaweel

The World Flood Mapping Tool, developed by the UN University's Institute of Water, Environment, and Health, aims to help countries with limited data construct flood maps.

Flood risk map of East Akim District in Ghana.

How to Use ArcGIS Pro to Map Flood Susceptibility

Jeff Oppong

This tutorial makes use of spatial data science and remote sensing techniques to assess the susceptibility of floods using ArcGIS Pro.

How GIS is Used in All Phases of Emergency Management

GIS Contributor

In this guest article, Brian Sekita discusses how GIS is vital to all phases of the emergency management process.

3 Ways Geospatial Data is Changing the Way We Manage the Environment Around Us

GIS Contributor

Dr. Michael Flaxman, director of Geodesign Technologies and Geospatial Community Advocate for OmniSci, presents three example of how newly available geospatial data is being leveraged.  

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