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A laptop running QGIS, a mapping software.

What Skills Does a Geographer Need?

Caitlin Dempsey

To be a successful geographer, certain skills are needed in order to be able to understand the Earth’s physical environment as well as human patterns and processes. 

Eight Ways Your Geographic Skills Enhance Your Resume

Devon Reeser

Geographers or anyone with a history of geography education or practice have special skills that can enhance their resumes across nearly all career options. From GIS skills to graphic design to multiculturalism, here are eight ways to market your geography experience as viable job skills.

How Much do Geographers Make?

Caitlin Dempsey

Geographers find work in a variety of disciplines both in the physical and human geography related fields.  Geographers are employed ...

Geography Careers

Rachel Quist

“Well, I guess you can always teach.”  If this is the response you get from friends and family when you ...