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Screenshot from FANGeoPolitics.

Fantasy Geopolitics: The Gamification of Geography

Elizabeth Borneman

Teacher Eric Nelson has create a fantasy geography called that combines his love of fantasy football with the study of current events.

One of the earliest known published jigsaw puzzles: Europe Divided Into Its Kingdoms, John Spilsbury, 1760s.

Dissected Maps: the First Jigsaw Puzzles

Caitlin Dempsey

The earliest jigsaw puzzles were created as educational tools. Known as "dissected maps" these early puzzles were used to teach geography.

Why Leaders Should Learn Geography

Anne-Laure Fréant

Anne-Laure Fréant talks about the importance of geographic knowledge in today's society.

Why Geography?

Geo Contributor

The citizens of many of the world’s countries still don’t realize that ignorance of geography can affect their political stability, ...

Collage of different pictures of the Earth with the Blue Marble in the center.

National Geography Standards

Caitlin Dempsey

A set of eighteen learning standards has been created for the science of geography which are called the National Geography Standards.

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