Geotargeting by Advertisers and Government Agencies

Mark Altaweel

Geotargeting by advertisers, which is the practice of sending advertisement based on location, has gained increased importance for companies marketing their product in recent years.

Vendors like GISinc use GIST.

GIS and Advertising

Mark Altaweel

Advertisers are becoming more sophisticated with the use of GIS as a way to better target their audiences.

GIS and Entrepreneurs

Mark Altaweel

GIS aids in investment decision-making by unveiling spatial patterns key to entrepreneurial success like labor concentration, knowledge, and opportunities.

Mapping out demographic and socioeconomic data can help target marketing. Map Source: MapEd

Mapping Market Reach

Troy Lambert

Troy Lambert discusses how colleges can use GIS and mapping technology to better target marketing.

GIS and Small Business Planning

Mark Altaweel

Small businesses increasingly use GIS for spatial analyses like kernel density estimation or Monte Carlo simulation to boost their success.

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