geospatial technologies

A lidar image of Washington DC show elevations of the buildings and streets.

Lidar Explained

Caitlin Dempsey

Lidar is a technology developed to map the elevation of features on and below the surface of the Earth.

An agriculture field in California. Photo: U.S. Geological Survey. Public domain

Geospatial Technology and Challenges of Contemporary Agriculture

Mark Altaweel

Farmers have greater access to geospatial tools that can help mitigate some agricultural challenges.

How GIS Helps Drive Hydrography Data

Sangeeta Deogawanka

There are more high resolution maps of the Moon and Mars, than the seafloor.

Historical Geography and GIS

Caitlin Dempsey

Historical GIS is the use of GIS data to document the given geography of an area in history.  GIS can ...