Great Basin

Using Landsat images analyzed by a neural network, Anemone and his colleagues created a land cover map of the Great Divide Basin. Potential fossil locations are light red, and likely locations are dark red. (Map adapted from Anemone, et al., 2011.)

Finding Fossils with Remote Sensing

Rebecca Maxwell

In the field of paleontology, finding fossils is often a substantial undertaking. Researchers usually have to assemble crews of up ...

Pleistocene lakes and rivers from 15,000 years ago of the Mojave Desert. Source: USGS, 2004

Ancient Pluvial Lakes of North America and What They Can Tell Us about Climate Change

Rachel Quist

Datasets of paleoenvironmental variability contained in a variety of pluvial lakes is a treasure-trove of past climate conditions.

Bristlecone pine forest in Great Basin National Park. Photo: USGS, public domain.

Island Biogeography of the Great Basin

Rachel Quist

The theory of island biogeography is one of the explanations as to why speciation occurs.