historical geography

Visit Almost Four Hundred Years of Mapping Inner Earth With this Virtual Map Exhibit

Elizabeth Borneman

This virtual exhibit shows different theories and maps that have been created postulating what Earth’s interior looks like throughout history and showed evolution of our ideas of what lies beneath our feet.

Mapping the 11 Lost Cities of the Bronze Age

Elizabeth Borneman

New research methods have led to the narrowing of the search for 11 different Bronze Age cities that have been lost to the tides of time, thanks to new quantitative data analyses by some dedicated economists.

GIS and Digital Humanities

Mark Altaweel

GIS significantly influences digital humanities with a spatial focus, increasingly important for various humanities scholars.

Sailing times from Rhodes (Ialysos or Kameiros), derived using an anisotropic surface. From: Leidwanger, 2013.

How GIS is Used to Understand History

Mark Altaweel

Historical geography is one area that has applied GIS to understand outcomes of battles, why cities were built in given locations, and using ancient technologies to understand length and difficulty of travel at different times of the year.

Abstract Machine: Applying GIS in the Humanities

Caitlin Dempsey

In Abstract Machine: Humanities GIS, Charles B. Travis, a senior research fellow at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, uses case studies from history, poetry, and published works to explore out GIS analysis is used to explore and understand events in literature, history, and culture.