historical maps

Visit Almost Four Hundred Years of Mapping Inner Earth With this Virtual Map Exhibit

Elizabeth Borneman

This virtual exhibit shows different theories and maps that have been created postulating what Earth’s interior looks like throughout history and showed evolution of our ideas of what lies beneath our feet.

This 17th century road strip map was created by John Ogilby as part of his 1675 Britannia Atlas. The map shows the route from London to Winchester via Staines, Reading and Basingstoke.

Early Data Visualization Pioneers

Elizabeth Borneman

RJ Andrews created DataViz based on his collected notes to provide readers with insight into five of the earlier pioneers of data visualization.

Color to Your Heart’s Delight With These Historical Map Coloring Pages

Caitlin Dempsey

Relax and reduce your stress by printing out and coloring in these maps.

Land cover of the area under study in the 1st Military Survey map in the lowland area of Nové Dvory and Zehusice, Czech Republic. Source: Skaloš et al., 2011.

GIS and Modern Research from Historical Maps

Mark Altaweel

While GIS offers a way to digitize detailed historical records and maps, it can also provide a new way to understand history and trends over time.

One of the earliest known published jigsaw puzzles: Europe Divided Into Its Kingdoms, John Spilsbury, 1760s.

Dissected Maps: the First Jigsaw Puzzles

Caitlin Dempsey

The earliest jigsaw puzzles were created as educational tools. Known as "dissected maps" these early puzzles were used to teach geography.