history of gis

A 16th century map of the Scandinavian peninsula with ships and sea creatures in the water.

Extracting Geospatial Data from Historical Maps

Mark Altaweel

New methods can detect location names from historical maps, make them searchable, and allow for the automated extraction of geographic data from those maps.

How Advances in Computer Mapping Shaped the Early Days of GIS

GIS Contributor

Greg Bunce, from the State of Utah’s Automated Geographic Reference Center, presents a walk through the  history of mapping and geospatial advances that led to the early days of GIS.  

Roger Tomlinson. Archival Photograph from the Tomlinson Collection, Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress.

Who is the Father of GIS?

Caitlin Dempsey

Roger Tomlinson, known as the "Father of GIS," coined the term "geographic information systems."

John Snow's 1854 Cholera Map.

A Brief History of GIS

Caitlin Dempsey

From the early days in Canada to the high tech world of internet mapping, the field of GIS is older than you may think.

GIS Timeline

Caitlin Dempsey

GIS timeline of significant milestones that have occurred since the early 1960s to advance GIS and geospatial technologies. GIS has come a long way since its beginnings.

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