land use mapping

A four-paneled diagram showing a vertical slice of a satellite imagery with forest damage, a second panel with land use change, a third panel symbolized to show the date of changes, and the fourth panel shows the magnitude of the change.

Mapping Long-term Land Use Change with Remote Sensing Data

Mark Altaweel

Discover how remote sensing technology is used to map land use changes, providing valuable insights into environmental impacts and aiding conservation efforts.

Map showing calculations of land use in a GIS software program.

Calculating Land Use Mix with GIS

Alexandros Voukenas

Alexandros Voukenas explains how to calculate land use mix indices (such as entropy) in a GIS environment.

Figure 4 (left) 2004 USGS imagery mosaic used for study area. Figure 5 (right) 2018 USGS imagery mosaic used for the study area.

Using GIS to Track Historical Land Cover Change and Growth Rate at Fort McCoy

GIS Contributor

Christian Rodriguez outlines the process to track land cover changes on a military installation using ArcGIS.

Mapping Land Cover by Stacking Landsat Imagery

Mark Altaweel

Landsat 8 is offered as free, open data, which has led to new innovation in methods to better utilize such data for time series and complex scenes that are sometimes obstructed by clouds or dust.