3D Map of Puerto Rico’s Forest Shows How Hurricane Maria Reduced Tree Height

Caitlin Dempsey

Researchers who compared before and after LiDAR measurements of Puerto Rico's tropical forests found that Hurricane Maria damaged or uprooted 40-60% of the tallest trees.

How Collecting LiDAR is Being Supported by the USGS 3D Elevation Program

GIS Contributor

Quantum Spatial (QSI) is currently working on more than two dozen LiDAR collection projects in support of the 3DEP. Here’s a look at three of the projects QSI has worked on in 2018.

Seeing the World with Data: 3D LiDAR with MapD and Uber’s

GIS Contributor

Dipti Kothari, an intern with MapD, has developed an open source project that uses LiDAR to create a 3D visualization of tree coverage around buildings and the impact of rising sea levels on buildings on Jekyll Island, GA.

Spatial Challenges of Navigating Rural Roads for Self-Driving Cars

Mark Altaweel

Researchers from MIT are testing the use of GPS and LiDAR to enable autonomous navigation in rural areas lacking detailed 3D maps.

LiDAR was used to Map Flooding from Hurricane Isaac. Source: USGS

LiDAR: Light Detection And Ranging

Elizabeth Borneman

LiDAR systems are used to collect high resolution topographic and bathymetric data.