When Predictions Match Reality: The Power of LiDAR for Flood Warnings

GIS Contributor

LiDAR data is being used to develop highly accurate elevation-enabled flood inundation mapping in advance of major storms in North Carolina.

How LiDAR is Being Used to Help With Natural Disaster Mapping and Management

GIS Contributor

Michael Shillenn, vice president and program manager with Quantum Spatial outlines three projects where LiDAR data from the USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) has been used to assist in planning, disaster response and recovery, and emergency preparedness.  

LiDAR reveals the underlying history of a landscape. Image from Kate Johnson.

Using GIS in Landscape Archaeology

Mark Altaweel

Landscape archaeology is a discipline where space is critical to understanding ancient settlements and human use of ancient space. The use of GIS is steadily growing as a tool in this field.

How GIS Helps Drive Hydrography Data

Sangeeta Deogawanka

There are more high resolution maps of the Moon and Mars, than the seafloor.

Tree establishment at large villages of the Jemez Province. (Upper) Number of trees and dates of establishment at Kwastiyukwa (LA 482), Tovakwa (LA 484), and Kiatsukwa (LA 132/133). (Lower) locations of sampled trees at Kwastiyukwa (Left), Tovakwa (Center), and Kiatsukwa (Right). From: Liebmann et al, 2016.

Using LiDAR to Show How Native American Depopulation Impacted Forests in the United States

Elizabeth Borneman

Researchers have used LiDAR to understand the impacts of Native American population decline on forest fires in the United States.