machine learning

Researchers from the University of Santa Cruz, California, used Picterra to detect and count sea lions and seals living on Año Nuevo Island from imagery. Source: Picterra.

Machine Learning and Object Detection in Spatial Analysis

Mark Altaweel

Picterra offers a relatively easy to use interface that allows users train AI on satellite and aerial imagery to detect features.

Open Repository for Geospatial Training Data Released

Caitlin Dempsey

Radiant Earth has launched Radiant MLHub, a cloud-based open library for training geospatial data used by machine learning algorithms.

Using Machine Learning and Surface Deformation Data to Predict Earthquakes

Mark Altaweel

There is no easy solution for earthquake prediction, but machine learning in particular has made forecasting far better.

Optimizing Traffic with Autonomous Vehicles and Machine Learning

Mark Altaweel

Improving traffic can be achieved by incorporating geospatial technology in autonomous cars, such as sensors and external information.

When AI Goes Wrong in Spatial Reasoning

Mark Altaweel

Machines can learn ‘wrong’ or biased information, creating large problems and poor conclusions when it comes to spatial data.