machine learning

Future of Mobile Spatial Applications and Image Recognition

Mark Altaweel

Image recognition software and algorithm development is likely to be increasingly applied with spatial applications.

Using Machine Learning to Speed Up Electrical Grid Mapping

Caitlin Dempsey

Development Seed, working for the World Bank Group, created a methodology for integrating machine learning with manual mapping in order to speed up the mapping of  high-voltage (HV) grids in developing countries.

The Role of GIS in Predicting Road Conditions

Mark Altaweel

Recent developments in GIS and analytical applications have demonstrated that predicting road conditions, and thus preventing traffic accidents and possibly even traffic in the first place, is possible.

Example of Image segmentation.

Transforming Satellite Imagery Classification with Deep Learning

Mark Altaweel

Deep learning has a potential to transform image classification and its use for the spatial sciences, including GIS.

Will 2017 be Remembered as a Stellar Time for Earth Observation?

Pitney Bowes

Joe Francica, Managing Director Location Intelligence Solutions with Pitney Bowes discusses the growth and direction of Earth Observation satellites.