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This historical map created in 1843 by Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain) shows the visualized real world river in the Rotherhithe/Isle of Dogs area of London. Map scanned by David Rumsey. Georectification by

What is Map Reading?

Caitlin Dempsey

Map reading (also sometimes written as map-reading) is the act of interpreting or understanding the geographic information portrayed on a map.

Gender Difference in Spatial Ability Influenced by Task Context

Liam Oakwood

New research has found that gender differences in spatial ability is significantly affected by the conceptual framework the task is presented in.

Perspective task. Image: Tarampi, Heydari, & Hegarty, 2016.

Study Suggests that Men Aren’t Better at Reading Maps Than Women

Elizabeth Borneman

A recent study tested if there are differences in spatial reasoning and perspectives between men and women.

An orange traffic sign that says" TRUCKERS; Your GPS is LYING. Big Rigs WILL NOT make it up this road.

Why Do We Blindly Follow Our GPS?

Rebecca Maxwell

Stories abound of people blindly following GPS directions, leading to the term "death by GPS". Why do people put so much faith in digital directions?

Man reading a street map at a table.

Spatial Orientation and the Brain: The Effects of Map Reading and Navigation

Rebecca Maxwell

Map reading and orienteering are becoming lost arts in the world of global positioning systems (GPS) and other geospatial technologies. What are the effects of navigation and map reading on the brain?

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