Laptop with QGIS, a desktop GIS software program

GIS 101: Learn About GIS

Caitlin Dempsey

This GIS 101 page is the launch page for accessing information about GIS and geospatial technologies on GIS Lounge.


Cartographic Resources

Caitlin Dempsey

Discover effective spatial data display and map design. Access resources on color representation, map layout, and showcasing geospatial information.

A USGS elevation benchmark in Bryce Canyon National Park. Photo: Alex Demas, USGS, public domain.

Survey Markers and Benchmarks

Mark Altaweel

Benchmarks are a type of survey markers whose elevations have been surveyed as accurately as possible based on the technology at the time.

Data Driven: GIS Guiding the Future

Troy Lambert

Mapping has always been data driven, and the more data we gather, the more important practical visualization of that data becomes.

Screenshot from a web map showing the disappearance of natural land in western United States.

Map Documents America’s Vanishing West

Elizabeth Borneman

A new mapping study is documenting the vanishing American West, beginning in 2001 and ending in 2011.

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