Screenshot from an online app called Suncalc with a satellite image of a lake with sun and shadow measurements in yellow overlaid.

Using Open Source Geospatial Data in Journalism

Mark Altaweel

Geospatial data such as satellite imagery can be used by journalists to verify news stories.

A screenshot from the Google Earth web map interface that shows a heart-shaped lake from a satellite image.

The Role of UX and UI in GIS

GIS Contributor

Jeff Siarto of Element 84 discusses with the MapScaping Podcast how design is present and changing in the geospatial industry.

Providing a Voice Interface for Geospatial Data

Eric van Rees

Qwhery CEO Matt Pietryszyn discusses his smart speaker application Q11, that uses voice assistant technology to answer geospatial data queries.

Laptop with QGIS, a desktop GIS software program

The Geography Behind Being a GIS Professional

Mark Altaweel

In a recent GIS podcast, Sarah Taigel discusses how being a professional geographer can provide key advantages to using GIS analysis.

H3, developed by Uber, divides the Earth into hexagons. Image: Uber.

H3: Open Source Geospatial Indexing System

Mark Altaweel

H3, developed by Uber, divides the Earth into hexagons.

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