Geo Quiz: Name the Human Activity Visible from Space

Caitlin Dempsey

This geography quiz features ten satellite images each showing an anthropogenic activity. Can you figure out what the human activity shown on each image is?

3D surface analysis showing areas with significant elevation change (valley filling in red, ridge cutting in blue) at a single valley fill, Connelly Branch in the Hobet Mine Complex, WV. Source: Ross, et al., 2016.

Mountaintop Removal Mining and Flash Floods in West Virginia

A.J. Rohn

Mountaintop removal mining is when explosives are used to blast through the peak of a mountain and expose coal that is buried below. The practice has destructive consequences on the trees of the mountain, as well as the streams.

A thematic map of an underground mine and ZigBee node positions in ArcGIS. Source: Moridi et al, 2015.

GIS and Underground Mining

Mark Altaweel

GIS has been utilized to monitor tunnels and areas explored, as it provides both 3D visualization and abilities to integrate various sets of data for visual and quantitative analysis.