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QGIS is a very popular popular open source GIS software.

QGIS and Free Mobile Applications

Mark Altaweel

The capabilities of QGIS can be extended with plugins and mobile GIS apps.

Your Mobile GIS Ecosystem

GIS Contributor

Lowell Ballard discusses the concept of branding your mobile “portfolio” to better create that sense of a unified ecosystem to ensure that clients know that they are using one of your applications.

Your Mobile Portfolio: Make it Your Own

GIS Contributor

Lowell Ballard, Director of Geospatial Solutions for Timmons Group, discusses the importance of making users feel like a part of your company's ecosystem by developing a mobile portfolio.

Free Field Survey Tools

Noam Rozenfeld

With the immense leaps of cheaper data storage, cellular availability, and awareness toward open source components, the options to create ...

GIS data was collected to make a custom map for collecting information about Milwaukee's homeless population in the field.

Using GIS to Identify Milwaukee’s Homeless Population

Caitlin Dempsey

GIS Cloud has developed a mobile GIS and mapping app that allows for the collection of information about homeless populations in the City of Milwaukee in Wisconsin.

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