Real-time Fire Mapping and Satellite Data

Mark Altaweel

New satellites and improved image processing methods are better enabling the ability to provide real-time and near real-time mapping of wildfires.

Forecasting Cholera Using Remote Sensing

Mark Altaweel

The NASA cholera forecasting tool effectively takes satellite observations on environmental conditions and combines the data with information on infrastructure and conditions in a country.

Monitoring Algal Blooms with Remote Sensing

Mark Altaweel

Given the importance of knowing how blooms affect aquatic life, remote sensing techniques using a variety of available imagery have been developed.

Map of Cold and Hot Temperature Anomalies Across the World

Caitlin Dempsey

NASA has compiled a temperature anomaly map of the world using data acquired between December 26, 2017 and January 2, 2018.  

Measuring Vegetation from Satellite Imagery with NDVI

Mark Altaweel

Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) is a remote sensing technology that measures vegetation kinds and growth by measuring vegetation fingerprints.

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