National Parks

Plentiful rains leads to superblooms where the desert becomes blanketed with wildflowers. Photo: Death Valley, NPS, spring 2005.

Geography Facts About Death Valley

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Learn some interesting geography facts in this article about Death Valley.

View of the Manu'a Islands with the volcanic islands of Ofu and Olosega (background), and Ta'u (foreground). Image, NPS, public domain

Geography of U.S. National Parks

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Find out the answers to geography trivia questions and more in this article about the geography of U.S. National Parks.

Most Tourists Don’t Stray Far From the Road When Taking Photos in National Parks

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Cartography students mapped out 800,000 geotagged photos posted to Flickr to analyze how far those pictures were taken from a road.

A symbols map using the height of cones in blue to show the number of annual visitors to each U.S. national park. The outline of the U.S. states is in gray.

Interactive Map of U.S. National Parks

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This interactive map lets you browse interesting geographical facts and trivia about the 61 U.S. national parks.