neural network models

A 16th century map of the Scandinavian peninsula with ships and sea creatures in the water.

Extracting Geospatial Data from Historical Maps

Mark Altaweel

New methods can detect location names from historical maps, make them searchable, and allow for the automated extraction of geographic data from those maps.

Sea level rise is a threat to low-lying coastal populations. Photo shows results of wave-driven flooding and overwash on Roi-Namur Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands. Photo: Peter Swarzenski, USGS. Public domain.

World Flood Mapping Tool

Mark Altaweel

The World Flood Mapping Tool, developed by the UN University's Institute of Water, Environment, and Health, aims to help countries with limited data construct flood maps.

Real-time Fire Mapping and Satellite Data

Mark Altaweel

New satellites and improved image processing methods are better enabling the ability to provide real-time and near real-time mapping of wildfires.