noise pollution

Geoscientists with the Royal Observatory of Belgium reported that anthropogenic noise had dropped by a third after the lockdown was initiated on March 18, 2020.

Spread of Coronavirus May Have Seismic Implications

Elizabeth Borneman

Scientists who record and observe seismic activity around the globe are detecting major decreases in activity as the effects of the Coronavirus continue.

Mumbai police have launched an anti-honking campaign to reduce noise pollution in the city.

Mumbai Police Fighting Noise Pollution With Enforced Patience

Caitlin Dempsey

In an effort to lower noise levels, the Mumbai Police have set up noise meters at select traffic signals around the city called "Punishing Signals".

Mapping Noise Pollution

Mark Altaweel

As noise pollution continues to be a major issue for expanding urban areas, novel geospatial technologies have been deployed to better monitor and measure noise pollution.

Noise Pollution and Geography

Mark Altaweel

Noise pollution has long been seen to be particularly acute in regions where transportation and urban development are most pronounced; the disciplines of urban and environmental geography have focused on this topic.

OpenRouteService’s ‘Quiet Routing’ Creates a Less Stressful Route for Pedestrians

GIS Contributor

Prof. Dr. Alexander Zipf introduces OpenRouteService's experimental routing option 'Quiet Routing' which guides pedestrian travel around noisy urban areas.

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