Arctic Permafrost is Now Releasing More Carbon Than it Stores

Caitlin Dempsey

The researchers found that the Arctic region has transitioned from a carbon sink to a source of carbon emissions.  

The Arctic Permafrost is Thawing and It’s Causing Thousands of Landslides

Caitlin Dempsey

Using Banks Island, Canada as a study area, researchers analyzed trends in permafrost thaw and associated landslides.

Comparison of land cover between 1968 Corona and 2006 Quickbird images is shown. The upper pair indicates increased tree extent and density (e.g. outlined in green) in undisturbed areas, reflecting positive response of vegetation to climate warming. The lower pair highlights the changes in thermokarst lakes between 1968 (a) and 2006 (b) without much human activity associated disturbance, indicating thawing permafrost that leads to underground drainage.

Changes in Arctic Environments

A.J. Rohn

Using remote sensing, a team of researchers is studying the fragile arctic environments of Northwest Siberia and how resource extraction and a warming climate affect vegetation, permafrost, and energy budgets.