population growth

Screen shot from the World City Populations 1950 - 2035.

Mapping Worldwide Population Growth

Elizabeth Borneman

A map was recently created by a a researcher from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London that tracks where and when population has grown in various places around the world.

Map showing the percentage of population with access to electricity. Source: World Bank, 2011-2015.

African Hydropower News

A.J. Rohn

The construction of hydroelectric dams in Sub-Saharan Africa provides the opportunity to bring more power to the region and prepare for rapidly growing populations and offers benefits to health, agriculture, and more

A picture of open water at a sewage treatment plant.

Tracking Populations Using Sewage

Elizabeth Borneman

Scientists and researchers have recently begun tracking the populations of cities in the United States using the amount of sewage produced.