precision agriculture

Map showing evapotranspiration for an area of Idaho.

Geospatial Tools for Agricultural Water Management

Mark Altaweel

The use of geospatial technologies can help mitigate inefficient use of water and help improve how this precious resource is used in crop production.

Screenshot from VegScape (Vegetation Condition Explorer).

Use of GIS in Agriculture

Elizabeth Borneman

By using GIS to map current (and potential) farmland scientists and farmers can work together to create more effective and efficient farming techniques.

Using Remote Sensing to Combat Poverty

Rebecca Maxwell

Remote sensing, the practice of gathering information about objects without being physically near them, has had many practical uses for ...

The images above were acquired by the Daedalus sensor aboard a NASA aircraft flying over the Maricopa Agricultural Center in Arizona on January 30, 2001.

Geospatial Technologies in Precision Agriculture

GIS Contributor

Discoveries in the field of science and technology have enabled farmers to effectively use their input to maximize their yield.