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The History of Mapping Disease

Caitlin Dempsey

Cartographies of Disease: Maps, Mapping, and Medicine takes a look at how cartography and GIS have been used to map and combat devastating diseases such as cholera, yellow fever, and Ebola.

Figure 1: Interactive desktop and web based dashboard showing trend analysis in months of HIV-AIDS and Malaria preventions and treatment services coverage.

Using an Interactive Web and Desktop Based Spatial Technology to Monitor Performance of Public Health Outcome in Developing Countries

GIS Contributor

FGIS (FHI Geographical Information System) is browser-based interactive data visualization and mapping application that runs on the FHI360 Nigeria intranet, an online resource that serves as a common framework for sharing geographic resources about FHI360 programs in Nigeria.

Preparing for Urban Pandemics Using GIS and Resilient IT Systems

Zachary Romano

Geospatial modeling has found that if 30% of the population voluntarily isolated themselves for 8-10 weeks, the total people infected would drop by almost half.

Heart Disease Map, Credit: CDC GIS

Where Have You Been? Using GIS to Analyze Residential History and Health Care

Troy Lambert

Troy Lambert takes a look at how the power of GIS can be leveraged to greatly influence healthcare as we know it.

Overview of Public Health and GIS

Amanda Briney

This article provides an overview of the use of GIS as in public health. It includes a short history of its development as a tool in the field, explains how GIS is used, different data sources and how the privacy of sensitive health information is maintained. Examples of current research using GIS within the public health field are also provided.