Public Health and GIS

Map with the optimized vaccination routes. Map: SCW CSU.

Using GIS to Create a Vaccination Route Modeling Tool

GIS Contributor

NHS South, Central and West CSU has developed the new bespoke Covid-19 vaccination route modeling tool using Esri's GIS.

Isochrone map showing walk times to local pharmacies. Source: HealthGIS, NHS, UK.

GIS and the Future of Public Health

Mark Altaweel

Mark Altaweel takes a look at how GIS is used in public health and where GIS and public health will be in the future.

Mapping Epidemics

Mark Altaweel

Forecasting the spread of viruses and mapping potential epidemics is gaining important attention in the medical community.

Map showing the mean NO2 concentration for the entire country of Belgium, for Thursday, October 8, 2015. Source: Dewulf et al., 2016.

GIS, Pollution, and Health

Mark Altaweel

GIS has been used to assist in showing strong or weak links for given health conditions to different types of pollutants.

Incidents of Dengue overlaid on top of Land Surface Temperatures from Landsat TM. Source:

Four Ways GIS is Being Used to Help Populations Vulnerable to Long Term Climate Change

Devon Reeser

GIS is changing the way vulnerable populations relate with their natural world and resources to keep ahead of imminent climate changes.