Uplift and subsidence associated with a June 2007 earthquake swam on Kilauea Volcano are depicted in this ALOS PALSAR interferogram. Kilauea Volcano, located on the southeast portion of the island of Hawaii, has been erupting continuously since 1993. Credit: Zhong Lu, USGS.

Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR), Earth Observation, and Mapping

Mark Altaweel

Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) is becoming more widely available and increasingly part of Earth observation satellites.

Satellites Give Detailed Insights into Climate Sciences

Elizabeth Borneman

The European Space Agency has recently released a report entitled ‘10 New Insights in Climate Science’.

Scientists are Improving How They Track Hurricanes with New Satellites

Elizabeth Borneman

The Atlantic hurricane season in 2017 has given researchers the opportunity to perfect some of their previous methods and put into practice new instruments used to track hurricanes.

Jason-2 Satellite to Help Improve Maps of Sea Floor

Elizabeth Borneman

Jason-2 will be collecting data about the sea floor every 5 miles, which will be used to create a high-definition estimate of the average surface height of the ocean in various places around the globe.

NASA's Orbit Pavilion. Photo: David Delgado / NASA JPL

The Sound of Satellites

Elizabeth Borneman

NASA collaborated with architects Jason Klimoski and Lesley Chang to create a way to hear the sounds of different satellites orbiting above the Earth.

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