seafloor mapping

Rapid Ocean Floor Mapping

Mark Altaweel

Rapid ocean floor mapping is considered one of humanity’s grand challenges. To highlight this challenge, Xprise recently announced the finalists for its grand challenges competition to rapidly map the ocean floors.

Seafloor Mapping Techniques

Mark Altaweel

Today, seafloor mapping is essentially a form of remote sensing that uses similar concepts and applications to satellite-based systems, albeit adapted to the complex environment of the oceans.

Map of the North Atlantic Ocean showing gravity anomalies. Marine gravity model of the North Atlantic (10 mGal contours). Red dots show locations of earthquakes with magnitude > 5.5 and they highlight the present-day location of the seafloor spreading ridges and transform faults. This gravity information shows the details of the plate tectonic history of the rifting of these continents including the subtle signatures of fracture zones that are currently buried by sediment.

An Ocean of Mountains

Rebecca Maxwell

With the help of satellite technology, a team of American and European researchers recently announced that they have discovered thousands of new mountains on the ocean floor.