spatial modeling

Nukuhou coastal wetland. A tidal wetland with grey mangroves (Avicennia marina) and salt marsh threatened by sea level rise. At Ohiwa Harbor, North Island, New Zealand.

Mapping Coastal Ecosystem Change

Mark Altaweel

A collaboration initiative, called coastTrain, helps to provide data so that scientists can better address challenges coastal regions face.

REACH uses GIS to map out need down to the household in Jamaica. From Westrope, 2013.

How Spatial Modeling Can Help with Refugee Aid

Mark Altaweel

GIS is being used to address the spatial problem of allocating resources and constructing refugee camps.

Screenshot from "How to use GIS data with Repast".

Agent-Based Modeling and GIS

Mark Altaweel

The need to understand emergent phenomenon in a variety of fields has led to not only greater use of agent-based models (ABMs), but we are increasingly seeing tools that integrate GIS with ABMs.