spatial navigation

Gender Difference in Spatial Ability Influenced by Task Context

Liam Oakwood

New research has found that gender differences in spatial ability is significantly affected by the conceptual framework the task is presented in.

Animated Map of 118 Birds Species Migrating

Caitlin Dempsey

Using millions of observations, scientists from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology have mapped out the migration of 118 bird species in the Western Hemisphere.

Providing Good Directions Depends on the Order of the Words

Caitlin Dempsey

How you order words when giving directions affects how quickly recipients can successfully follow those directions.

An orange traffic sign that says" TRUCKERS; Your GPS is LYING. Big Rigs WILL NOT make it up this road.

Why Do We Blindly Follow Our GPS?

Rebecca Maxwell

Stories abound of people blindly following GPS directions, leading to the term "death by GPS". Why do people put so much faith in digital directions?

Map showing in red the route a patient with DTD was supposed to follow and in blue the route he actually took. Source: Bianchini et al, 2013.

When You Can’t Make Make Mental Maps: Developmental Topographical Disorientation

Elizabeth Borneman

Developmental Topographical Disorientation is a rare neurological condition that prevents people from creating mental maps of their surroundings and impairs navigation.