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An Urban Centre is defined as: all cells with a local population density of at least 1,500 people/km2 or with a local built-up area share of at least 0.50, and clustered in a 4-connectivity object of at least 50,000 people or all cells resulting from 3x3 median filtering or by gap filling < 15 km2 (median filtering and gap filling applied to cluster of cells that met the previous logics).

Improving Urban Decision Making with Open Earth Observations

GIS Contributor

Steven Ramage, Head of External Relations, Group on Earth Observations (GEO), outlines innovative partnerships and activities GEO has been working on globally using open Earth data, GIS, and cloud technologies.

Learn How GIS and Earth Observation Can be Used to Support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Earth Observation and GIS technologies have a huge impact on both monitoring the implementation of the United Nation's sustainable development goals.