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A zoomed-in view of the Urban–Rural Catchment Areas (URCAs) GIS dataset.

New GIS Dataset on the Interconnection Between Urban Centers and Rural Areas

GIS Contributor

A freely downloadable GIS dataset – the Urban–Rural Catchment Areas (URCAs) – shows the diversity of urban-rural systems worldwide.

Learn How GIS and Earth Observation Can be Used to Support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

GIS Contributor

Earth Observation and GIS technologies have a huge impact on both monitoring the implementation of the United Nation's sustainable development goals.

Mapping the Destruction of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Caitlin Dempsey

Culture Under Threat Map was launched to highlight the destruction happening to historical sites in the Middle East and North Africa.

Atlantic Ocean sunrise as seen from a Florida beach. Photo: Randolph Femmer, USGS. Public domain

Who Owns the Oceans?

Elizabeth Borneman

This article explores some of the international convention on jurisdiction over oceans.