urban heat islands

A grayscale map with dots to show the locations within the United States that are mapping urban heat.

Mapping Heat in U.S. Cities

Mark Altaweel

NOAA has been coordinating an effort to map urban heat islands in cities across the United States.

Top image is a high resolution thermal image showing sources of heat. The bottom satellite image is from Landsat and show a lower resolution heat signature.

Mapping Building Heat Using Remote Sensing

Mark Altaweel

Startup Satellite Vu launched the first of a satellite constellation to measure building heat signatures in high resolution.

A remote sensing image showing surface temperatures across a section of Paris. The hottest temperatures are in red and the coolest temperatures are in green.

Mapping Heat Vulnerability from Satellite Data

Mark Altaweel

Satellites are being used to measure heat not only on urban heat islands, but also on farms and other locations where rising temperatures are having an impact.

Urban heat map from data captured during the summer of 2018 in Richmond, VA. Source: NOAA.

Mapping Urban Heat

Elizabeth Borneman

Lead by Portland State University professor Vivek Shandas, a network of citizen volunteers and local organizations are mapping urban heat islands in more detail than ever before.

Map showing the urban heat island effect in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Hot Cities Getting Hotter in the US

Caitlin Dempsey

Climate Central has published a new report that took at look at the increases in temperature in sixty of the largest U.S. cities.

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