urban mapping

A grayscale map with dots to show the locations within the United States that are mapping urban heat.

Mapping Heat in U.S. Cities

Mark Altaweel

NOAA has been coordinating an effort to map urban heat islands in cities across the United States.

A zoomed-in view of the Urban–Rural Catchment Areas (URCAs) GIS dataset.

New GIS Dataset on the Interconnection Between Urban Centers and Rural Areas

GIS Contributor

A freely downloadable GIS dataset – the Urban–Rural Catchment Areas (URCAs) – shows the diversity of urban-rural systems worldwide.

Urban trees provide many benefits such as absorbing heat, filtering pollution, and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Photo: Willow Oak in City Park, USGS, public domain.

Google Launches AI powered Tree Canopy Lab

Katarina Samurović

Google is using artificial intelligence to develop maps of tree canopy from its aerial imagery.

Urban heat map from data captured during the summer of 2018 in Richmond, VA. Source: NOAA.

Mapping Urban Heat

Elizabeth Borneman

Lead by Portland State University professor Vivek Shandas, a network of citizen volunteers and local organizations are mapping urban heat islands in more detail than ever before.

Mapping the Human Footprint

Mark Altaweel

The world settlement footprint, created in a online application called Urban Thematic Exploration Platform (TEP) sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA), is the first map that combines optical and radar satellites to create a human urban footprint map of the world.

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