McKinley Lake near Cordova, Alaska

Which States Have the Highest Percentage of Water Area?

Caitlin Dempsey

Water shapes U.S. states' geography and ecosystems. Which states have the highest and lowest percentages of area covered by perennial water?

Shaded relief map of the Florida and Central America area showing gulfs and seas.

Geography Definitions Related to Water

Caitlin Dempsey

Listed here are geography terms related to water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and oceans.

View southwest of Garfield Peak and Eagle Crags above Chaski Bay, Crater Lake. Photo: Charles Bacon, USGS, public domain.

NASA Completes the First Global Survey of Fluctuations in Lakes and Reservoirs

Katarina Samurović

ICESat-2 launched in September 2018) with its satellite laser altimeter, allowing NASA to perform the first global survey of freshwater fluctuations.

Water vapor imagery of the eastern Pacific Ocean from the GOES 11 satellite, showing a large atmospheric river aimed across California. Image from United States Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey. (Captured December 20, 2010).

Atmospheric Rivers

Caitlin Dempsey

Atmospheric Rivers are trails of moisture in the atmosphere composed of condensed water vapor.

Lost Palms Oasis, Joshua Tree National Park. Photo: Joshua Tree National Park, public domain.

Where Does an Oasis Get Its Water?

Elizabeth Borneman

Oases are interesting and vital parts of an ecosystem that can be found all around the world; along with being a unique geographical feature they provide water, shelter and shade for people passing through as well as plants and animals that live in the area of the oasis.