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flowchart that summarizes the whole learning guide to become a Web GIS developer

Open-Source Web-GIS Development Roadmap

GIS Contributor

This article will provide a step-by-step learning guide to support your Web-GIS development journey, based on the authors' years of experience and extensive research.

Case Study: How Brindisi, Italy is Using GIS to Help Preserve its Ancient Architecture

Pitney Bowes

The city of Brindisi, Italy deployed a solution from Pitney Bowes® that provides 80 to 90 percent faster performance, while dramatically improving the user-friendliness of maps and significantly reducing staff time dedicated to mapping.

OWGIS was used to display important data for immigrants that cross Mexico searching for better opportunities. This project was built at the Americas Datafest Hackathon.

OWGIS – Open Source GIS Web Application

Caitlin Dempsey

Standing for Open WebGIS, the developers of OWGIS describe it as an “OpenSource Java Servlets web application that creates WebGIS sites ...

What is is the Difference Between Web GIS and Internet GIS?

GIS Contributor

Majid Hojaty, a MSc student of GIS and Remote Sensing with Tehran University, Iran, discusses the differences between web GIS and Internet GIS.