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South Dakota’s Custom Enterprise System to Increase Wildlife Management

GIS Contributor

The Wildlife Inventory and Land Management Application (WILMA) is a web-based application allowing habitat managers to map, track, and report various land management activities on Game Production and Water Access Areas in South Dakota.

A view of a desk with a laptop open with a map on it and the symbol for "No WIFI" overlaid.

Disconnected Editing with ArcGIS in the Browser

GIS Contributor

Matt Sheehan discusses disconnected editing for ArcGIS and the libraries that Web Map Solutions has developed to provide users with disconnected capabilities to any ArcGIS web app in the browser.

The Usability of a Web Mapping Application with a Million Rows of Data

GIS Contributor

Manuel Timita write about Illustreets, a web mapping application built with Open Source software, open data, and emerging GIS technologies (i.e. CartoDB).

Make Your Own Maps with Google Maps Engine Lite

Caitlin Dempsey

Google Maps Engine Lite is a simpler version of the Google Maps Engine that allows users to create and share their own maps.

Mapping Social Vulnerability

Caitlin Dempsey

Oxfam America has released new maps about the geography and the people of the US Southeast, specifically Louisiana and Mississippi. This project ...