White heron wading in the wetlands in Ironia, New Jersey. Photo: USGS, public domain

Flooding Can Help Protect Wetlands From Climate Change

Elizabeth Borneman

Targeted flooding may be one tool that conservationists and wetland restoration specialists have to make wetland areas more resilient in the face of climate change.

Satellite imagery showing multiple colored salt ponds in the SF Bay.

Restoring a Salt Marsh

Elizabeth Borneman

The San Francisco Bay was once connected to a large salt marsh that contained many different and rare species of plants and animals. Conservationists are now restoring the salt marsh.

Coastal wetlands at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge in Massachusetts. Photo: Kelly Fike/USFWS


Caitlin Dempsey

World Wetlands Day is celebrated on February 2 each year.

GIS Data of the World’s Wetlands

Caitlin Dempsey

There are currently 2,185 sites worldwide that the Ramsar Convention considers to be wetlands of international importance representing over 208,597,750 hectares. GIS Data for Ramsar sites is available from Wetlands International.

Rud-e-Gaz and Rud-e-Hara Wetlands, Iran

Caitlin Dempsey

This satellite image captured of southern Iran shows what an arid and inhospitable area most of this region is.