Test Your Geography With Google’s Smarty Pins

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Google has quietly rolled out a new geography game called Smarty Pins.  The game ties in trivia questions from six categories (featured topics, arts and culture, science and geography, sports and games, entertainment, and history and current events) with guessing where the geographic location of the question is.

Players start out with 1000 miles and the game lasts as long as you have miles available.  A mile is deducted for every mile you’re off from the actual location.  Add questions correctly quickly and miles are added to your miles remaining in the form of bonus points.  There’s a hint button if you need some help (which automatically strips you of any bonus points for that question).  A Google Pegman offers supportive phrases such as, “You’re a human GPS (without the annoying voice)”.


Answer five questions correctly, and you’re awarded a bronze pin. Answer ten correct questions and you get the silver pin.  Get to fifteen correct answers and you will earn a gold pin.  After that comes the diamond pin for twenty correct answers.  The questions increase in difficulty with every correct answers, especially after the 20th correct answer.  I got up to 24 correct answers before running out of miles.


Visit: Smarty Pins


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