Test Your Beer Trivia With This Mystery Map Quiz

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This interactive map created by CartoVista celebrates the upcoming National Beer Day (Sunday, April 7th) with a map quiz:

CartoVista, a web mapping company specializing in thematic analysis, has produced this special Mystery Map to showcase the versatility of their CartoVista SDK. With easily sourced public data*, the team was able to create interactive representations of beer consumption and production over the years, as well as pertinent information on breweries and their density by state across the US. As a flexible software development kit that leverages HTML5 and javascript, they were able to give the map additional functionality and design features such as a quiz, and a funky beer feel that resonates with the target audience for this data.

Users can flex their geographic knowledge of beer consumption and breweries in the United States for a chance to win $50 in craft beer delivered right to your door, courtesy of CraftShack.com.

Visit: Mystery Map


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