The Beginner’s Guide to Nation-Building

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This guidebook is a practical “how-to” manual on nation-building published by the RAND corporation.  From the mongraph description page:

It is organized around the constituent elements that make up any nation-building mission: military, police, rule of law, humanitarian relief, governance, economic stabilization, democratization, and development. The chapters describe how each of these components should be organized and employed, how much of each is likely to be needed, and the likely cost. The lessons are drawn principally from 16 U.S.- and UN-led nation-building operations since World War II and from a forthcoming study on European-led missions. In short, this guidebook presents a comprehensive history of best practices in nation-building and serves as an indispensable reference for the preplanning of future interventions and for contingency planning on the ground.

You can either purchase the volume or download it for free in PDF format.  Also available in PDF format is a summary of the monograph.  The mongraph was written by James Dobbins, Seth G. Jones, Keith Crane, and Beth Cole DeGrasse.

The Beginner’s Guide to Nation-Building


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